Press Release January 2019


January 2019 (Atlanta GA, USA – Alameda CA, USA)

NewSight Reality Inc. Announces (AR) Breakthrough as Market Expands; Rapid Growth Predicted to Exceed $70 Billion by 2023* (*MarketWatch)


NewSight Reality, Inc. ( ) (NSR) announced today a promising innovation that has the potential of addressing many of the current shortcomings of Augmented Reality (AR) Systems. NSR has been in stealth mode inventing, proving, developing and protecting a transformational means of providing AR to the eye(s) of a wearer. NSR achieved theoretical proof of feasibility of its innovation in late fall of 2018 using optical modeling and was able to achieve physical proof of feasibility in December. Multiple patent applications have been filed protecting this highly proprietary breakthrough.NSR’s approach utilizes a proprietary transparent micro display (TMD) and optics all integrated into a single proprietary optical module. The module can be located within millimeters of the wearer’s eye(s) eliminating many (if not most) of the inherent problems associated with other AR systems that are based on waveguides, holographic mirrors or birdbath optics. The AR industry is forecasted to grow to $ $70 billion by 2023*in USD. However, it is entirely possible this forecast will be missed if the above short comings are not solved. NSR believes it has invented such a solution.

The company also announced the appointment of Phil Garfinkle to its Board of Directors. Phil is a seasoned serial entrepreneur who is often referred to as the Father of Digital Photography. “All indicators point to AR being a major global opportunity that is still in search of its enabling technology”, said Garfinkle. It appears NSR’s proprietary module which includes the TMD may provide the catalyst the market has been waiting for to turn potential into reality.”

The company stated that its TMD can be small enough to just cover the pupil of the eye(s) of the wearer or as large as to cover the surface of an eyeglass lens. The company further stated that as the size (eye box) of the TMD increases, there is no increase in its thickness. The thin transparent module being developed, that includes the TMD, can be embedded within the surface of an eyeglass lens, attached to the surface of an eyeglass lens or used in an attachable AR device for eyewear.
Svetlana Samoilova, VP of Augmented Reality for NSR stated; “It is well known that today’s AR systems have many shortcomings such as thickness, weight, transparency, energy requirements and light efficiency, just to name a few. The proprietary NSR approach being pursued has the potential to significantly improve upon these short comings.”

“We know in the optical industry that fashion trumps function”, said Dr. Ron Blum, Founder and Chairman of NSR. “When we started evaluating AR eyewear it became readily apparent the current enabling technologies would not allow for AR eyewear to go mainstream. Therefore, we realized we had to invent from the ground up a totally new heart (technology platform) for
successful AR systems in the near future and beyond.”

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